Seasonal Strawberry Hulling

Strawberry Hulling

  • Flexible working hours and days
  • Based in Hahndorf – Adelaide Hills

Each Strawberry Season (mid-late November through to mid-late May) we are looking for energetic staff to hull our strawberries ready for our manufacturing team to use in our products throughout the year

We have made a short video to try and explain what Strawberry Hulling is.

The key things to know are:

  • We pay piece work rates in line with the Horticulture Award.  The minimum piece work rate is $1.20 per kilo that hulled.
  • There are no junior rates when paying piece work, the more you pick or hull, the more you earn.
  • An average worker can hull 25 kilo’s per hour, some are able to hull significantly more and some less.
  • Hulling work can start from 6.00am but that can be flexible if you communicate with us. Generally, shifts are about 7 -8 hrs in length.
  • We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE new staff to start with shorter shifts (5 hours) for the first week or so, this allows your body to get used to using different muscles, Strawberry hulling is a lot of stranding and cutting the hull from the top of the strawberry.
  • Hulling work is Monday to Friday.
  • You will need to be physically fit and be able to bend, lift and move unrestricted
  • To hull strawberries, you will be working inside one of our factories and therefore you will need to comply with strict uniform rules, you will need to
    • Wear flat, full enclosed water-resistant shoes/boots.  You will be asked to wear shoe covers while in the factory to avoid cross contamination, or you could purchase shoes and leave them onsite until the end of the season
    • Only plan wedding bands and medic alert bracelets / necklaces are permitted in the factory.  Watches, chains or other jewellery are not permitted.  The same applies to fingernail decoration eg: nail polish or fake eye lashes.
    • Beerenberg will supply you with an overshirt or disposable coat to be worn over your clothes and a disposable hairnet
    • You must be able to pass a Drug or Alcohol test, as there is random testing within the factories.